Also, today I experienced the Kona ice truck for the first time. It’s not an ice-cream truck, as I thought at first. It’s the strangest thing ever. You get a cup filled with crushed ice. Regular crushed ice, like you have in the freezer. And then there are little taps with syrup that you pour on the ice. And then eat it.

The really weird thing, though, are not the ices themselves but that my child knew exactly what they were and what to do with them.

4 thoughts on “Ices

    1. Only if you scrape it off the insides of the freezer for some reason. 🙂

      But what we do have is ice-cream that actually tastes good, not the horrible kind you get here.


        1. Not universal, I have never seen this type of shaved ice in Europe. Ice-cream (scooped), soft ice-cream (from a machine) or sorbet, but not what she describes.


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