There were many cool prizes at the raffle we had today at a charity event organized by Klara’s school. The most coveted prize consisted of “Cards vs Cubs tickets.” I have only the vaguest idea what this means but who do you think won them?

Yes, the person who never wins anything. Me.

7 thoughts on “Raffle

  1. St. Louis Cardinals vs the Chicago Cubs. I don’t know much about the Cardinals, but the Cubs are a team rich in history and tradition. They finished near the bottom for decades and then won the Championship (World Series) a few years ago, for the first time in over a century.

    The noteworthy fact is that their stadium is the only one in Major League Baseball without lighting. They play only daytime games there.

    I have attended only one major league baseball game in my life, in 1977, so this bit exhausts my knowledge of the sport.


  2. Go with N for once in your life (if it’s in St. Louis) and soak up that crowd energy. If you take Klara, maybe get some Baby Banz for her. Check out where the seats are in the stadium before you give them away or sell them.


  3. Where I live, here in between Chicago and St. Louis, people define themselves as either STL Cardinals fans or Chicago cubs fans. We had a babysitter once who tried to win my youngest daughter (of our totally sports-indifferent family) over to the Cardinals side. When I got home from work, my then four-year-old proudly announced, “Mommy! I decided which team I like! I like the…the…um…Red Birds!”


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