Clean Up Your Mess

This, this is the kind of thing that makes me claw tables in annoyance:

Dear readers: Everything is terrible. It feels like the beginning of the end of the world. Or maybe the middle of the end of the world. My brain spends its days vacillating between wild panic and stubborn denial.

My great-grandparents and grandparents survived Stalinism, WWII, the Holocaust. I knew them very well, and it’s unthinkable that they would say this or think this.

My parents experienced the Soviet stagnation, which I assume I don’t have to explain to this enlightened readership. They were never anything like this even when it seemed things would never change.

I grew up amidst a collapsing state, a nascent wild capitalism, ridiculous inflation, bandit wars, etc, but it never occurred to anybody to say this kind of thing. People would be ridiculed within an inch of their lives if they started wailing about “wild panic and stubborn denial” a propos of absolutely anything whatsoever.

If we eat in public, we clean up after ourselves, right? We try not to be a total mess that spills shit all over public spaces. It should be the same about emotional garbage. It’s not ok to be this emotionally messy and not try to clean yourself up.

I read this kind of post at least once a day from different sources. I linked one yesterday, here is one from today. If I wanted to find 15 more right now by different people, I could. People seem to think it’s cute or something. And the reason is always something ridiculous, like the news or FB memes or some garbage they’ve seen on TV. Obviously, I’m not dumping on folks who are emotional because of something serious – an illness, a diagnosis, a financial calamity. It’s the showy sufferers who sacrifice their tender soul at the altar of the suffering humanity that I’m talking about.

One thought on “Clean Up Your Mess”

  1. Imagine what this post would’ve been like if LiveJournal had existed in your teens or when your ancestors were living through World War II.

    Of course it’s difficult to be afraid of the hurricane hitting you when you’re in its eye. [I’m perfectly fine. The Floribama shore, on the other hand…]


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