Marxists Against Wokenness

A great article. If it’s too long just read the beginning.

7 thoughts on “Marxists Against Wokenness”

  1. Nice to see someone promoting CLR James. When I discovered his writing it was like a breath of fresh are compared to the warmed over “Theory” that was still dominant at the time.

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    1. Hey, I agree. The really funny thing is that the only person in the (kind of) mainstream media who reads the leading Marxist philosopher Zygmunt Bauman is Rod Dreher, over at American Conservative.

      I’m a real marxist. I use real hardcore Marxist theory. Class struggle, and all that. And real Marxism abhors this sort of identity crap because it pits people against each other and destroys solidarity. Workers of the world unite, hello! It isn’t supposed to be workers of the world eat each other alive over who uses which terminology more correctly.


      1. Funny. I never thought of you as a Marxist. Part of the attraction for “cultural Marxism” in the United States is that, historically, race has served the perverse role that class has for most countries.


  2. For more of this type of thinking, read the articles of Adolph Reed (UPenn, Political Science) and Walter Benn Michaels’s (UIC, English) Trouble with Diversity. They are both serious Marxists who can’t stand identity politics.


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