Shit Is Addictive

I’ve been writing down every book I read since 1996. The number of books stayed pretty much the same through two immigrations, divorce, and all sorts of dramas, trials, and tribulations.

Until 2009. Starting that year, the number was cut in half and never recovered. What changed? I bought my first smartphone in December of 2008.

9 thoughts on “Shit Is Addictive”

    1. Seriously though, trying to read a textbook on a computer or a smartphone sucks ass, especially if you need wifi to do it. I dislike it so much. I can’t imagine trying to read anything dense.


  1. For me, it’s not my phone per se; it’s the Internet. I allow myself to get distracted and waste time on my computer (YouTube, blogs, Twitter, etc.) more than I do on my phone.


  2. It is funny, I have also been keeping a reading list for years now and since I got a smartphone, my reading has gone up. This is because I started listening to audible books.


  3. Very interesting. I too have kept track of what I read. And the years of big change – moving cities/countries or other emotional turmoil results in very few books being read.


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