More Quotes from Ordesa

Since the novel was such a waste of time, at least let’s use it to have a laugh. Here are some more quotes:

“Spain’s political corruption makes me forget about the corruption of the bodies of my parents and of my own body.”

“I smelled the inside of my travel bag. It smelled of loneliness.”

“Everybody is alone and will die alone.” 2019 and somebody seriously writes this sentence. I haven’t detected a trace of irony. It’s all completely and scarily in earnest.

“If somebody swindles you, that’s because you are alive. The day people don’t swindle you it won’t be because the world has become a better place. It will be because you’ll be dead.”

“The essence of a mother is love.” Dude. Even Hallmark would reject you for being so soppy.

3 thoughts on “More Quotes from Ordesa”

    1. They sound like a bunch of mental patients. It’s very disturbing. The worst part is that they seem to have no sense of shame fir making such a spectacle of themselves.


      1. If women were as pathetic and mentally feeble as the event organizers expect them to be, I’d wonder if feminism was a mistake.


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