Book Notes: Recent Reading

On the flight today, I read Lianne Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot, start to finish. (The flight was delayed). It’s typical mommy lit, which is one of my favorite entertainment genres, and of very good quality. It obviously isn’t a work of art but it’s great entertainment. And it is a useful look into the nature of familial relationships.


Mike Omer’s Glenmore Park series

1. Spider’s Web – this was his first book, and he had no idea how to construct a novel. The structure is terrible. But the story itself is quite captivating.

2. Deadly Web – this one was a total dud. Omer writes beautifully about serial killers so I have no idea why he kept getting distracted onto something else.

3. Web of Fear – it’s much better than the second one but I’m glad Omer dropped this series and started one about the FBI.


Horacio Castellanos Moya’s El arma en el hombre is a novel I read to ensure one of my footnotes was right. But it’s a very powerful novel. Highly recommended for college literature courses. It’s probably the simplest, most accessible thing Castellanos Moya has written.

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