Psychopolitics, Part 5

In chapter 7, Byung-Chul Han smacks down Naomi Klein’s fun but idiotic book The Shock Doctrine, and I love him for that. The problem with it, aside from the book contributing to the conspiracy genre, is that, once again, the author is missing the ways in which neoliberalism differs from the primitive stage of capital accumulation. We are not in grave danger of violent psychiatric interventions by a repressive state apparatus. We are eagerly and willingly doing the work such an apparatus did in the past on ourselves.

You know how the Soviets put dissidents in loony bins and pumped them full of Seroquel and crap to make them more compliant? We are now putting the Seroquel and Co into our own bodies with the same goal. Nobody is making us. Nobody is dragging us off to the dungeons to do that.

3 thoughts on “Psychopolitics, Part 5”

  1. Han’s work sounds very interesting. I see that he has written a number of books and I can’t read all of them. If I had to read one, which one should I read?


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