Psychopolitics, Part 6

After picking apart, Foucault, Naomi Klein, and everybody in between, Byung-Chul Han proceeds to eviscerate Eva Illouz’s Cold Intimacies and the entirety of the “affective turn” in academia. I liked Illouz’s book, bit it’s great to see somebody point out the weaknesses I didn’t notice.

Han explains why Illouz’s conflation of the terms feeling, emotion and affect is a mistake. (Those of you who are into affective studies, I highly recommend looking up this part of the book). Even more crucial than this is Illouz’s incapacity to notice that emotions only started to have real value for capitalism once the production moved to the immaterial sphere. It is only right now that emotions have turned into the means of production.

By the way, our socialist friends, what are you going to nationalize now when there’s neither a nation nor a means of production?


4 thoughts on “Psychopolitics, Part 6

  1. “our socialist friends, what are you going to nationalize now when there’s neither a nation nor a means of production?”

    Socialists are so far behind the times that it’s kind of hilarious, they offer earnest analyses of 19th century French proletariat as being relevant to today… they have no ideas….

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  2. It’s the occasional pithy brilliance like this that keeps me on twitter….

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    1. Exactly! What I don’t get is why people seethe about this instead of being happy. I was stunned to discover he was doing it. And then I was happy. Because he has a huge audience that needs to hear these things, and he’s very effective.

      People have completely fossilized brains that are incapable of admitting any new information. They have memorized the idea that everybody on FN is a reaganite and can’t move an inch from it. And then I have to hear that I’m a bigot for watching the show by people who never saw a single episode.


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