Unusual Challenge, Day 7

And in the seventh day… I went to church. I’ve never ever been to service for religious purposes. I’ve attended Mass for educational purposes and Klara’s baptism. But that’s it.

Turns out Orthodox service lasts forever. And then they feed you and give you a lot of coffee. The food was very good.

Everybody kept asking me, “But what did you practice before? Until now, what did you practice?” Finally, the priest had to interfere abd explain. I’m now going to be an inquirer and when that’s done I’ll be a catechumen. And then eventually, I’ll get baptized.

It feels extremely weird to be in a church. Just weird. But I’m glad I finally did it.

The priest, by the way, was a computer programmer at Wash U until he retired a couple of years ago. And half of the congregation are professors. And another half are teachers. The professors are mostly STEM except for one guy who teaches philosophy at my school. Plus, they have a ton of new converts from evangelical denominations for obvious reasons.

5 thoughts on “Unusual Challenge, Day 7”

  1. You’d better gear up in a couple weeks for the Easter service then. :-p

    Were there very many children?


        1. “nobody except very old ladies who cover their head all the time does it in Romania”

          In Bulgaria there’s a big shelf by the door with a bunch of light scarfs and a woman without her own is expected to pick one up though no one says anything to someone who doesn’t.

          In Poland women make no effort to cover their head (and in fact if they were a shawl to church probably take it off during the service)


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