Africa and the Real Russian Collusion, Part I

People who believe in the Russian collusion are the exact same ones who keep bleating about how much they detest racism, colonialism, and white privilege.

Well, I have a story for them about the real Russian collusion and real racism and colonialism.

Many people here know that I’m interested in Africa. I read a lot, try to stay informed, follow the news. There is a disturbing process happening in Africa right now that we don’t hear about a lot.

There is this really scary guy in Russia called Yevgeni Prigozhin. He’s in charge of an organization that promotes the colonialist interests of Russia in Africa. There are about 20 countries in Africa where his organization operates. It uses people like Kemi Seba, a fellow who was thrown out of France for trying to organize an anti-Jewish pogrom. Right now, Seba is working under orders from Prigozhin.

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