Africa and the Real Russian Collusion, Part II

In 2017, Seba visited Russia to have a meeting with the notorious Russian anti-Semite and imperialist Alexander Dugin. Dugin is one scary, unhinged dude. But then so is Seba.

Of course, Seba is just one small part of Prigozhin’s organization. What they do is inflame passions in the African countries that have territorial disputes of all kinds. They try to meddle in elections, too. The goal of all this activity is to keep Africa poor, undemocratic, divided and at war.

As I said before, Putin’s government consists of complete idiots. They are messing things up in Africa like they do everywhere else. Last summer, three Russian journalists who were investigating these subversive activities of Russian mercenaries in the Central African Republic were killed. Prigozhin isn’t managing to keep Russia’s meddling in Africa secret. But given how volatile the situation in many African countries is, this gauche and dumb meddling is causing damage.

Now here’s a funny thing. If I wanted a gubizillion links and retweets, I could publish a post titled “Why I’m sure Trump is a Russian spy” or some inane rant about “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” People keep accusing me of seeking out links in spite of clear evidence that I don’t get any. But these posts about really troubling events in Africa, a place that has historically suffered from real systemic racism and real Russian meddling will get the readership of three dedicated folks. I don’t mind because I’m scared of larger audiences anyway. But the hypocrisy of the anti-racist Russia whisperers is beyond annoying.

5 thoughts on “Africa and the Real Russian Collusion, Part II”

  1. I’m gonna talk about Bernie because I can’t stand thinking about Notre Dame. He did a townhall on Fox today. I didn’t have time to watch, but I did read an article about it, and:

    “He drew criticism from some liberals, meanwhile, for remarks he made when questioned about the U.S.-Mexico border. In addition to “sensible immigration reform,“ he called for “building proper facilities“ on the border and “many, many more judges“ to expedite hearings for migrants.”

    Basic common sense! So rare among Democrats running for president this election cycle.


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