Canadian Prices

What’s cheaper in Montreal is pedicure. Not for any nefarious reasons but because it’s a lot faster. A pedicure where I live takes an hour 15 minutes. And here, it’s an hour for both manicure and pedicure. The whole thing feels a little industrial because the manicurist moves with a military precision. She ends up making more per hour but the procedure is cheaper for me.

Everything else, though – food, books, the kids’ gym, toiletries, children’s shoes, and most of all gas – is ruinously expensive. And it’s not like the people we are visiting live in the equivalent of Manhattan. They live in a green, quiet suburb like we do.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Prices

  1. It takes an hour to cut and groom your fingernails and toenails?? I can do all 10 of mine — and all 18 of my cat’s — in ten minutes, tops.


  2. Have you seen this offer to create FSU Kommunalki or communal apartments in America because of American prices? After the Cold War and today’s situation, I am sure Americans making those offers haven’t heard about the precedent. Once again, the case proves why good history teaching is crucial.

    // Jim Bussey: Co-housing an affordable, community-building design solution for Vancouver’s housing crisis
    OPINION: At its core, co-housing is a fundamental change in the way we consider home design.

    Co-housing differs from other types of homes in the use of shared space: robust amenities such as large kitchens, dining spaces, workspaces, places to hang out inside and out and the like, are shared amongst residents.



  3. It was the worst in ~2010, when the Canadian dollar was worth as much as the American one. At that time we bought everything in the States. These days, with the exchange rate of ~1.3 I do not see much point… Yes, everything is still cheaper in the US, but not by much.


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