Stop Sending Money

Tucker says the US should stop sending money to Ukraine.

And I agree.

It all ends up in the offshore accounts of American and Ukrainian Hunter Bidens. Why should American taxpayers subsidize this crap?

Let’s send this money to rebuild East St Louis instead. For real. Ukrainians need to get a breather from the big money that’s destroying their country. And East St Louis could definitely use some help.

Fake or Not?

This is a fake, right? (Click and zoom).

Totally reminds me how my mom had to tell her third-graders during a math class that “20 + 7 = 27, which makes us think of the glorious 27th assembly of the Communist Party of the USSR, so let’s recite the foundational principles of this crucial event.”

Dating Advice

I just found out something hilarious. People watch YouTube videos for dating advice. There are dating advice dispensers who have hundreds of millions of views on their videos.

I saw one of these mega popular YouTubing advice offerers on TV just now now, and he’s a total idiot.

“I never invest my time in people based on how much I like them. I invest in people based on how much they invest in me.” VOMIT.

Of course, the only useful piece of advice for daters is to stop looking at people as devices that have a manual of use. There’s no algorithm and no hack.

It’s a Trick

Open-borders cosmopolitanism is entirely out of place with Labour’s own economic pledges. The policies embedded in this motion would fundamentally undermine public support for comprehensive public spending, and the creation of an all-encompassing welfare state. Ambitious social-welfare schemes can only be supported by cohesive national societies underpinned by a strong sense of collective membership.

There was a time I also thought people were promising huge increases in welfare and accompanying them with extreme open-borders measures because they didn’t understand that these two things were incompatible.

But now I know it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

It’s completely purposeful.

The entire point of this trick is to destroy what’s left of welfare. Strain it beyond capacity, make sure it delivers extremely low-quality services, make people hate it because they perceive it as unfairly distributed – and the masses will beg you to take it away.

Debt Tricks

So students on state scholarships, right? They enroll in a bunch of courses. Classes start and they drop all the courses. The system automatically sends them a check with a refund which they are supposed to use when they register for courses again. Students spend the refund. Use late registration to register for courses. And end up with a pile of debt. Which they don’t care about because they are not physiologically equipped to do long-term thinking.

Of course, the system is stupid because you can’t let them come close to cash. They’ll just spend it on dumb stuff.

Nobel Peace Prize

It definitely makes more sense to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Greta Thunberg than to Obama. Like him, she’s done nothing for peace but unlike him she hasn’t bombed out any countries or started wars that led to genocide.

Let’s conduct an experiment: who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more, Obama or Trump?

How about Trump or Bush 2?

“Neither” doesn’t work because it’s total chickening out not to notice a difference between a guy who bombed out whole countries and a guy who didn’t.