Psychological Health Challenge, Day 7

To conclude the challenge, we will do a water exercise. Depending on what the weather is where you are, take a glass of either cold or warmed up water – whatever feels more appetizing at the moment – and take a sip. Feel the water travel through your body. It’s just you and the water. Let yourself feel it.

It’s another great grounding activity to add to our repertoire. What we’ve done in this challenge is very basic meditation. It won’t repair any serious damage, of course, but it definitely improves the quality of life to make time to look at the sky or take some deep breaths. Many people think that meditation is about staring at the wall in silence for 15 minutes, which sounds excruciating. I have a very restless brain, so this kind of activity feels like punishment.

2 thoughts on “Psychological Health Challenge, Day 7

  1. And we have to keep repeating. I have added one or two. First thing in the morning, drink a glass of water. Then go out into the yard and pull some of the weeds in the flowerbeds, or clip some of the overgrown branches or bushes. This is for 15 minutes but might take more or less time, depending on the weather and the day, and oddly has been a really easy habit to keep. Going outside first thing, and drinking water instead of coffee first thing, turns out to be surprisingly easy and pleasant. And all of this is very Zen, of course.


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