Poke in Illinois

We now have poke bowls in the student cafeteria. Poke bowls! Oh, the sweet (and spicy) wonders of progress!

Of course, they are nothing like poke bowls in Seattle but still quite good.

When I came here in 2009, the food options were burgers and Pizza hut. And now we have a salad bar, sushi, and even shawarma. Shawarma and poke bowls are my favorite non-Soviet foods.

2 thoughts on “Poke in Illinois

  1. I had never heard of poke bowls. The word ‘poke’ (single syllable) refers to a plant with brilliant purple berries. The plant is toxic, but if parboiled several times, the toxins are washed away. Then it is delicious. My father cooked it sometimes when I was a child. Only the young leaves are really safe.

    Pokeberry juice was historically the basis of a popular writing ink, though it does require a bit of preparation.


  2. “Shawarma and poke bowls are my favorite non-Soviet foods.”

    Free medical alert:
    You get more for your money with the poke bowls — all those free parasites in the raw fish.


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