Psychological Health Challenge, Day 8

Tomorrow we will try something different. Many people will find this irrelevant and even incomprehensible, and that’s ok. But those who do get what I’m talking about will be well-served to try this part of the challenge.

This exercise is for those who keep saving for a special occasion. These are folks who have a special set of bedding, a special pair of underwear, a special cup, a special piece of jewelry, a special notebook, etc, etc that they are saving for a special occasion. . . which never comes. Nothing feels special enough. Or rather, they don’t feel special enough to use this very special thing.

Tomorrow we will try to get over ourselves and use our most special thing that we are saving for the most special time. In my case, it’s a facial mask made out of rose petals. I’ve hoarded it so long I’m afraid it’s going to expire. The most ridiculous part is that I never even paid for the mask. It was a promotional item. So it’s not like it cost me a ton and I can’t get over the price.

Do you have a very special thing you are hoarding? Let’s try to overcome our Syndrome of Life Delayed and finally accept that life is happening right now.

2 thoughts on “Psychological Health Challenge, Day 8

  1. The item I am saving for a special occasion is a teabag of a variety of tea that is no longer available. It is my favorite tea of all time by far, and I know that when I brew the last cup it will be gone forever.


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