Smoking It Out

Smoking protects from coronavirus.

5 thoughts on “Smoking It Out

  1. Good news for smokers! They don’t need to worry about the unlikely happenstance of dying from coronavirus — they’ve already insured that their cardiovascular systems and lungs are irreparably damaged, and their increased chances of cancer and stroke are off the charts.


      1. That’s because smokers kick off early from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, before dementia has a chance to kick in.


  2. Perhaps a potential therapy would be an inhaled substance delivered by nebulizer to temporarily downregulate ACE2 in the lungs and stop the virus in its tracks.

    Knowing my luck a likely agent will probably be one of those essential oils (probably sage or something) so that I never hear the end of it.

    Good find by the way, thankyou.


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