Kids in Quarantine

On the positive side, this quarantine has put Klara off social media for a long time to come. She’d never experienced social media before but in the quarantine many of her friends tried to connect with her through FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. She hated all of it. After a couple of tries, she informed me she never wanted to do “this boring activity” again.

Instead, she asks me to take her to “look at friends.” This means we go for a walk and she gazes at other kids sitting in their front yards from a distance. It’s really sad.

6 thoughts on “Kids in Quarantine

  1. I’m with Klara. It’s not the same.


  2. Kids in our neighborhood are putting up displays for other kids to walk around and see. There are also themes: put up stuffed bears, then walk around to count them, or put up Easter rabbits and do the same.


  3. I’m also like Klara. I’d rather see real people at a distance than pictures on-screen. Apparently there are gradations to introversion/extroversion that I never noticed before.


  4. I don’t think it has much to do with introversion/extroversion. I’m probably the most introverted person most people will ever meet and I’ve never liked video chats more than chatting in person. Or on the phone. And I loathe being on the phone.

    Maybe it’s a generational thing (social media comfort) or the fact people don’t really do it often which makes it awkward and weird when people attempt video chats.

    Did Klara video chat with her cousins and grandparents on a regular basis before?


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