Middle Age Is Here

Thank you, dear friends, for the birthday wishes, the kind words, and the gifts! You are wonderful people.

Now that I have a makeup refrigerator, I’m fully ready to enter middle age. And in that spirit, I will be starting my very first regular 9 to 5 job on July 1. If everything reopens, that is. I truly hope my first ever regular office job won’t be thwarted by a quarantine.

The regular office job means I will be reading much more because there’s not much to do at the office. So more book reviews and more fun for everybody.

7 thoughts on “Middle Age Is Here

  1. If it’s not secret, at which age does middle age start?
    May be not for you personally even, but generally.
    Want to prepare myself or confirm suspicions it has already started. 🙂


    1. “If it’s not secret, at which age does middle age start?”

      What people call “middle age” really isn’t. Most people consider themselves middle-aged when they reach about 45 or 50 — but how many people do you know who actually live to be 90 or 100?


  2. Only in academia is being the department chair a regular 9-5 job? :-p I don’t think the pandemic should interfere with it at all. It’s all meetings and emails (right?), and if nobody’s on campus those meetings will be held on the Zoom equivalent.


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