Dreidel’s 75th Birthday

Happy birthday to reader Dreidel!

This blog wouldn’t be the same without this curmudgeonly yet sweet gentleman.

9 thoughts on “Dreidel’s 75th Birthday

  1. Thanks for the digital birthday festivities, Clarissa! They brighten up my monitor screen while I’m celebrating in lockdown here at home. And I appreciate the good wishes from cliff and el.

    I wandered over to your website some years ago, after reading your comments on the infamous Shakesville, where your remarks were the only ones that actually gave an opinion instead of simply lavishing mandatory praise on the webmistress. I liked what I saw here, especially the free open commentary, and your blog is still going strong!


  2. Congratulations on living another year, Dreidel! Party hard with some mail order steak, Dr. Pepper and fries and chilled beet slices!


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