Little Hairdresser

Klara gave herself a haircut while her father and I were sleeping in after all that nighttime reading.

I only found out because I found the tresses she’d cut off behind an armchair. She gave herself perfectly layered bangs that look completely natural.

7 thoughts on “Little Hairdresser

    1. She also wrote me a note saying “Klara loves mama and vanilla…” Then she stopped because she doesn’t know how to write “yoghurt.”

      The funniest thing is that the note is written from the right to the left, like a Hebrew script.


  1. I remember doing this at a similar age. I hid the clipped hair behind the couch. They were cut on the diagonal, though. Mom had to fix them. I was not interested in the appearance, just the cutting 😉


  2. I’ve been cutting my own hair for about 15 years now, even since my regular barber told me that she was leaving town to start a new career at age 42 as a big-rig cross-country truck driver. (Would some people call her major career switch a “mid-life crisis”?)

    Cutting yer own hair really isn’t that hard to do.


    1. OK, the kid is 4. Things that are easy for adults are really hard for kids this age. I’m sure you can produce a mean handwritten note as well but nobody is noticing because at your age it’s no big deal. 🙂


      1. Chill out — I’m not diminishing Klara’s accomplishment, just pointing out that all the adults on social media who are posting pictures of their bad corona home-haircuts shouldn’t be complaining!


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