Teenagers and Zoom Jail

A short but terrifying film created by a 9-grader about the cost of lockdowns to teenagers:

In the Twitter comments to the video some pasty dude immediately piped up with how this kid has white privilege, so this is not a big deal. In the alternative reality he inhabits, black kids are apparently all in school.

5 thoughts on “Teenagers and Zoom Jail

    1. …not to mention rural kids. There are huge swaths of the country (until six months ago, this included my house) where the only thing you can get it satellite internet, which costs twice as much as regular high-speed cable internet, but has bandwidth comparable to dialup. Absolutely cannot do any kind of video or live-streaming. Also, you lose service every time it rains. There are lots of people who technically have internet, but who couldn’t dream of using Zoom.


      1. I don’t know how many times I delivered this same speech to people at my university. It hasn’t worked so far. The incapacity to imagine an experience that’s different from one’s own is stunning.


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