Klara’s school announced that tomorrow is “jersey day” and everybody can come in their favorite jersey.

Can anybody explain what that means?is it a sweater?

17 thoughts on “Jersey

  1. A shirt with your team: Football, baseball, Ice hockey, or a particular player, Joe Namath, Willie Mays, Wayne Gretzky.


    1. “A shirt with your team”

      The clothing term “jersey” can also refer to a tight-fitting, knitted pullover sweater.


      1. It’s the team of their parents usually. My kids wore their own soccer uniforms on “jersey day” as we don’t care about TV sports.


  2. <¡>Hah. Very relevant now that nobody has done any sports for a year
    There is a little sports game called the Super Bowl on Sunday. The NFL has had restricted attendance.

    Baseball games have been televised without an audience. NHL games are in full swing at a couple of stadiums without attendance.

    I think the NBA started letting limited audience back in to games, but I’m not sure.


      1. I thought you just drove over the state line for pee wee sports now. No?
        It’s not like sports bars have stopped operating there either.

        Anyways wait a couple of months and you’ll get the same email about Oscar parties, and March Madness.


  3. “Jersey” also has other meanings in English. Here’s an ancient dirty joke:

    Why did the bull drink “Metrecal(TM)”? So he could slip into a tight Jersey.


      1. “I must be really ancient.”

        Nah, you just arrived on American shores too late.

        “Metrecal(TM)” was a best-selling weight-loss diet drink back in the late 1950’s. “Jersey” is a popular breed of British cattle now long common on American farms.


  4. The name jersey originated in the UK Channel Island of Jersey. It may have a more ancient origin as an actual hand knitted pullover, when the modern ‘jersey’ machined knitwear gained the name jersey I’m not sure, but may well have happened in New Jersey! The Channel Island of Guernsey is next door to Jersey and has an individual style of heavy-duty pullover known as a guernsey. The guernsey was originally a fisherman’s jumper made from oiled wool.
    In the UK the words pullover, sweater and jumper tend to be interchangeable and mean the same type of knitted garment in wool, cotton or artificial fibres, while team ‘sweaters’ are often called shirts or sweatshirts.
    And I’m sure that’s more than you wanted to know!


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