David Hogg’s Pillows

I hate dumb partisanship on either side. David Hogg wants to start a business and sell pillows. That’s fantastic. People starting businesses is a good thing, remember? Who cares what his reasons are?

If he fails, it will be a life lesson. If he succeeds, there will be jobs created. Why are people piling on the kid when he finally has found a way to make himself useful and do something real?

And those who criticize him for using his personal brand to promote the idea for the pillow company are so egregiously ignorant of how the world of business works today that it’s they who shouldn’t be starting any businesses.

The pillow company is a great idea, and the guy should be commended. And the adults who are pouting over it should be ashamed.

2 thoughts on “David Hogg’s Pillows

  1. I think he’s mocking Mike Lindell. I don’t think he’s really going to start a pillow company. It’s more about pillorying someone. I’m not picking on David Hogg. I don’t want to end up like others (Jamie Allman) who get cancelled for saying something unseemly about him. One should only be nasty to someone who disagrees with them if they are AOC (or her ilk) and therefore “safe.”


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