Shoveling Snow

I had to shovel out the driveway today, there’s so much snow. And I kept thinking how there are so many people who hate shoveling out driveways every day for months while I’d love to live in a place where I get to do this more than once a decade.

My plan is to shovel it at least three times today. Not because anybody in the house is planning to drive anywhere but because I probably won’t get another chance until I’m in my dotage.

10 thoughts on “Shoveling Snow

  1. You do know that by writing “because I probably won’t get another chance until I’m in my dotage” you have doomed us all to 3 more deep snows this year..maybe that was your point?
    I definitely think you should use this as an excuse to discuss climate change–otherwise known as global warming. It’s my favorite topic during deep freezes.


      1. The problem is that most Texans don’t have any control over the wind fans. My brother’s power has been out since 7am, temps were in the teens all day, and he just dropped his kids off with a friend who still had heat, to spend the night. Not supposed to be above freezing until Thursday. They’re hoping to have power sometime tomorrow, maybe.


        1. We had those problems in Ukraine. One would hope a more civilized country would know how to avoid them. Especially an oil-rich country.

          Very sorry for your brother’s experience!


          1. He’s resourceful, has lived in cold climates before, and he has a good sleeping bag. They’ll be fine. But he says they’ve had six inches of snow where he is, and the scene is surreal. They drove all over town looking for charcoal or propane to cook with (no luck), and he says ALL the ditches have cars in them and nearly every intersection was complicated by someone trying to tow someone else out of said ditches. Snowplows and salt trucks are not really a thing that far south.


            1. God. This is very bad leadership in the state. As we say in Ukraine, the only reason to have a government is so that there’s electricity and running water. If a government can’t even guarantee that, then why does it exist?

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