Scholars and Side Gigs

People are surprised that I can be an effective Chair while maintaining my busy research agenda.

But it’s not surprising at all. The same qualities that help me publish a lot make a productive administrator.

If you have a certain personality trait, it will manifest in different areas of your life. This seems very obvious but people keep forgetting it.

People who are prolific scholars are so well-organized that they have very developed interests in other areas. It doesn’t have to be administration. They can be into DIY projects, or running a major local organization, or being in a music band.

Show me a good scholar and I’ll show you somebody who’s simultaneously successful in some unexpected activity on the side.

2 thoughts on “Scholars and Side Gigs

  1. Totally true, and stands to reason. What I still cannot fathom is how you manage to do all that, plus a rich and wonderful private life, AND squeeze in so much reading into it as well.
    I can only manage the reading. I have had to leave the rest by the wayside.

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