The Threat of Safetyism

Once you begin with lockdowns and curfews “for your own safety,” it never ends:

After it becomes completely impossible to maintain COVID numbers anywhere remotely scary, there will be a new “mortal danger.” Then another and another.

6 thoughts on “The Threat of Safetyism

  1. They’re all like surrogate domineering/abusive parents these days
    …they never trust their “children” to have enough sense to figure out things for themselves. They have to “check” on their “offspring” every minute to make sure said “offspring” aren’t about to “fuck things up once again”.


  2. random reader:
    Think of all the drive-thru food pantries, COVID testing sites, and COVID vaccination sites there are.
    “Social distancing is assured by everyone staying inside their vehicle”—as a “safety measure”
    …with no thought given about how bus/train riders and non-drivers are affected.

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    1. Tal, it’s very obvious at this point that none of this makes sense. The lockdowns are not for our good and the government could care less about whether you or I die. Study after study has shown that lockdowns have a lot of side effects due to social isolation and people not being diagnosed or seeking treatment for other diseases. Even treating people for COVID is a farce. Several of my family members who don’t live in the US had COVID-19. They were treated by phone as their PCP was too scared to see them. Is that what we call an appropriate medical care for a disease so deadly that it is killing millions? I am not entirely sure why so many are willingly complying with all this craziness.


  3. This topic reminded me of 1980s hit “The Safety Dance”. I looked up the lyrics… Author: Ivan Doroschuk… Looked him up, turns out he’s Ukrainian-Canadian!


  4. It’s a necessary part of the learning that has to take place so that we as a species can have an informed, reciprocal chat about how human groupings and their institutions work, and should work.

    Basically what has to happen is that everyone has to suffer enough to realise that the one-size-fits-all style of government with very steep hierarchies with insufficient accountability that we have just can’t work with very large groups of people unless you want to make 95% of them so miserable that they revolt.


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