The Fire Extinguisher Story

Since there are still people who believe the lie about a police officer killed with a fire extinguisher in January 6, here’s an article about how even the New York Times has retracted that story.

I knew this story was a lie on January 6. And every day since then. If you didn’t, ask yourself, what’s wrong with your sources? What else might they be lying about?

7 thoughts on “The Fire Extinguisher Story

  1. Biden makes history in yet another fashion – regarding the part in bold (bolded by me), are they mad?

    // Biden has already phoned multiple world leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping, but during his 23 days in office has yet to speak with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu—making Biden the first president in modern history to punt on bolstering U.S.-Israel relations during his initial days in office. Every president going back to at least Ronald Reagan in 1981 made contact with their Israeli counterpart within a week of assuming office…

    Congressional foreign policy leaders slammed Biden’s Netanyahu snub, prompting a flurry of questions for White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who has declined to disclose when or if Biden will call the Israeli leader. Psaki also said on Friday the White House would not list Israel as a U.S. ally when asked about the relationship during her daily press briefing.

    Biden’s diplomatic slight comes as Israel faces encroaching terrorist threats and the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran. He also has hired several individuals with a background in anti-Israel activism, including Maher Bitar, a top White House National Security Council official who spent his youth organizing boycotts of the Jewish state. The State Department’s Iran envoy, Robert Malley, also has been a vocal critic of Israel.


  2. What do you think of this interpretation of Biden’s foreign policy?

    // Новый госсекретарь США Блинкен с 16 февраля отменяет решение предыдущей администрации о признании йеменского движения «Ансар Алла» в качестве террористической организации.

    Это решение, вне всякого сомнения, лежит в новом русле ближневосточной политики, которая возвращается к тем контурам, которые она приобрела при Обаме. Суть ее в том, чтобы снизить (и довольно существенно) уровень отношений США с ближневосточными монархиями (Саудовской Аравией в первую очередь) и с Израилем, повысив, соответственно, уровень отношений с Ираном. Причина у этого вполне определенная, хотя находится достаточно далеко от региона.

    Причина в том, что иранский режим, а точнее — подмявшая его под себя «исламская СС» КСИР — активно сотрудничает с глобалистской частью элиты Китая. Для американских демократов ставка на эту часть китайской элиты естественна, а потому речь идет не о национальных интересах США, Китая, Ирана, а исключительно о транснациональных интересах глобальных группировок. И рассматривать ситуацию в рамках национальных границ в этом случае — только «напускать туман».


      1. // Yep. Spot on. But try finding this kind of analysis in English, though, and you won’t because it doesn’t exist.

        Regarding interests of transnational groups, just had the most basic question rise in my head: if they look merely after their own interests, what’s the difference between them and organized crime who shares the goal of extracting resources from population? Between them and the Putin’s regime?

        Yes, Biden hasn’t attacked Ukraine, but there are other wars in the world.


        1. Putin is a globalist, just like they are. The way he “wins elections” is increasingly similar to how Biden “won” his.

          The differences between the US and Putinism are fast disappearing. In a couple of years, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find any.


  3. I am still in deep shock from “the White House would not list Israel as a U.S. ally.” Hope it’ll change in the next administration. What is meant by this exactly?

    Still remember how readers here told me not to worry re results of concessions to Palestinians since US supports Israel and will especially do so if the new Palestinian state starts sending advanced rockets at us. Ha-ha-ha! 😦 😦

    And if somebody here thinks the current US position will help Palestinians, I don’t know in which reality he lives.


  4. On another topic, have you tried reading the German author Bernhard Schlink? His novel ‘The Reader’ became an international bestseller and “has been included in the curricula of college-level courses in Holocaust literature.”

    I looked at what this novel is about and decided against reading it, yet his collection of 7 short stories ‘”Flights of Love” included several nice stories. I liked “The Other Man,” would be interested in your take on “The Circumcision” and was intrigued by “Girl with Lizard.” Other stories looked less interesting to me.

    In Russian, it’s ‘Дезертиры любви’ by Бернхард Шлинк.

    One Russian reviews described one story thus:

    “Обрезание” можно понять только тогда, когда лично какое-то время общался с националистом любой масти: это очень тяжело постоянно подыскивать “правильные” слова, постоянно бояться не задеть, постоянно контролировать себя в общении. Если такого знакомства нет, то рассказ покажется даже фантастическим: сегодня, в 21 веке, такое невозможно.

    The 7 short stories in this collection are:

    Girl with Lizard
    A Little Fling
    The Other Man
    Sugar Peas
    The Circumcision
    The Son
    The Woman at the Gas Station


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