Equitable Math

This is from equitablemath.org:

This is about absolutely nothing other than thinning out the competition for good jobs. The students who think math is about making TikTok videos won’t compete for good-paying jobs in tech with the kids of the people who invented “equitable math” and who are all in private schools with real math.

8 thoughts on “Equitable Math

  1. I had to google “mental mathematics” to be sure. No, I am not crazy – “mental mathematics” used to refer to doing simple math operations (e.g. related to everyday shopping) in your head. Or remembering the multiplication table. And this meaning is still the first thing that shows up on Google (apparently, changing that has not been Google’s top priority 🙂 ) What the heck is “mental math” separated from calculations?

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  2. This is bullshit. Show your work in math doesn’t rely on the worship of the written word. Already in 3rd grade or so they should be able to show their work using just equations and a tiny bit of text.

    This insanity knows no bounds.

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    1. Also, what’s wrong with the written word? Literacy was always supposed to be a good thing. Why should we suddenly be against the written word which is the foundation of all civilization?

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      1. The written or spoken work USED to be a good thing. But now, under Orwellian newspeak rules, the Wokish have created a new language, and the only rule that matters is that words and science and laws don’t matter. Facts don’t matter either. What matters is feelings, and feelings can never be wrong, unless you are white and trying to make a case for why your feelings matter as much as other people, because that is heretical thinking.
        Fortunately the world still needs math, and language, and science, and people who understand how to do and fix things, and those are the people who will survive.

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  3. Associating the written word with whiteness is the height of historical ignorance. These dumbfucks have never heard of Egypt or Sumer?


    1. It’s another half baked idea from summaries of summaries of summaries of certain postmodernist ideas, run through a blender and served at a school board meeting.


  4. Showing the equations or the proof is not “so teachers can know what you’re thinking” — it’s because you’re supposed to be learning how to derive whatever it is by hand. I think.


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