Snow Day

Classes are cancelled and the university closed because it might get cold tomorrow. It’s not that cold yet but it might be, so it’s all shut down.

We aren’t allowed to teach online tomorrow either because students’ internet connection might be unreliable because it might get cold. Please don’t ask for an explanation.

Professors love snow days even more than students do, so it’s all good.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Random question: I know I need to dress up for my promotion interview; however, my interview is during work and the clothes I have aren’t really what I would want to wear when dealing with biohazard materials—usually I wear scrubs so if anything happens I don’t have to sacrifice nice clothes. I also can’t wear dress shoes at my station that day—it involves a lot of walking and I really need sneakers. Would it be best to change before and afterwards? Or would that be too obvious? (My interview is with my current boss and supervisory tech.)

    Also, happy snow day!


  2. Enjoy your snow day, I wish we had one today!

    I do have a book recommendation, especially for those readers of your blog who are Catholic or Christian. I just finished reading “A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward” by Ralph Martin, it was published in October 2020. I think it’s very timely and a useful puzzle piece to understanding the current times. I hope that someone else may find it as useful as I did. If you are not a believer though, it may not be for you.

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  3. Our headmaster had the good sense to send out a pre-snow-day email that was one of my favorites ever. I’m paraphrasing but he said, “Yes, we could Zoom school on a snow day, but where’s the fun in that?! If it snows, go play. Enjoy it!” Honesty is underrated in education.

    Enjoy your snow day!

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  4. My brother’s kids in TX are out for a snow day, too. But that’s legit: they’ve got maybe half an inch of snow on the ground, but the roads are iced up, they don’t have salt trucks, and 85% of the population has no idea how to drive on that. Brother made a trip out to the Dollar General for bread and milk, drive 20mph all the way there and (it’s only a couple miles) passed four cars in the ditch and stopped to help a sideways pickup truck spinning its tires in the middle of the road. His company told him not to come in to work today, either. They didn’t want to risk the company trucks in that weather.


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