Wokesters vs Bachelor

The wokester insanity has now reached even the TV show Bachelor. Every word of the linked article is an exercise in outright lunacy.

But people keep apologizing and writhing in self-deprecation. Until they stop doing it and start laughing at the woke mob, it won’t end.

I’m really glad I come from a culture where the expression “the pain that these words have caused” provokes nothing but ridicule and contempt.

5 thoughts on “Wokesters vs Bachelor

  1. “the pain that these words have caused”

    Okay, I’ve never been in therapy… but from what I’ve read you’re never supposed to say things like:
    “You make me feel X”
    “Your saying that made me X”

    The presupposition behind both is “You have the power to make me feel emotions” which is removing the locus of control from the individual (needed for therapy). If you can’t regulate your emotions and are at the mercy of other people’s words and actions you’ll never get better…

    As for the picture – University students doing something in bad taste…. stop the presses! Crime of the century!

    I can’t imagine engaging with these pathetic and infantile persons…. gag a maggot.

    “I’m exhausted. I have truly had enough”

    translation into normal-humanese: I am driven to exhaustion and impotent rage when people disagree with me….


    1. Exactly. Nobody can “make you feel.” Your emotions are yours.

      We are glorifying neurosis. Putting emotional incontinence on a pedestal. It’s a very silly thing to do.


  2. I really wish that the system would quit aiding, abetting, and supporting these overage “spoiled brats” who are obviously so pampered and overprotected they never had a need to “grow thicker skin”.
    They’re also an insult to those who have real issues and hardships to deal with in life.

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    1. “an insult to those who have real issues and hardships”

      I’m not big on ‘my suffering is worse than yours!’ arguments – these are subjective feelings, after all. What bugs me is the weird childlike insistence that everybody tend to their latest emotional tantrum
      Being an adult is, at least partly, about knowing who to turn to for comfort and support. Crying and expecting everyone to come running with tissues is deeply unappealing in anyone but a small infant or (maybe) a distressed elder with cognitive decline….


      1. Used to be, people would derive a sense of self-worth from resilience and grit. I stood strong! I overcame! And now people derive a sense of pride from not staying strong and being incapable of overcoming anything at all.


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