Cancel School

I could even accept a one-day-a-week school if these dirty bastards just let kids be the rest of the week. It’s the demand that children sit in front of screens that gets me rabid.

Schools that for whatever reason are refusing to teach in person should have just closed for a year. Or two, or five. It’s absolutely 100% better to have no school at all than screen school.

I hope the evil creep who came up with the idea to put 7-year-olds on Google Groups rots in hell for eternity.

Voting Matters

This tells you all you need to know to decide how to vote:

11 states have fewer than 10% of students w/access to 5-day per week in-person learning. All are blue save 1. 10 states have 70% or more children w/access to 100% in-person learning. All are red states.

I can’t begin to imagine what anybody can offer to outweigh this and make voting for a Democrat for absolutely any office a good idea.

Cuban Memories

When traveling in Cuba, we had to hide my brother-in-law whenever we went to a restaurant and pretend we didn’t speak Spanish. He’s from Peru, and when he was with us, we’d wait hours to get served and would have to put up with really lousy treatment.

The poor guy would literally hide in the bushes, we’d order (and get treated like royalty because Cubans assumed we are British), and then he’d join us. My brother-in-law is the most polite person I have ever met. But eventually it got to him and he exploded.

“You despise me for being latino, like you, and speaking Spanish, like you,” he said to the Cubans. “It means it’s yourselves you despise.”

It was so sad to see. But it’s a totalitarian regime. That’s what it does to you. It’s got nothing to do with poverty. People in the extremely poor Dominican Republic are extremely proud of their language and culture.

Totalitarianism takes everything away and makes life about purely material pursuits. The results are ugly. And they are identical in Ukraine and Cuba, for example. It’s the system that does it to people. Totalitarianism stole their culture from Cubans and turned them into pathetic, self-hating, self-prostituting Soviet clones.

One Day Schools

The White House press secretary announced today that Biden’s definition of “open schools” is “teaching at least one day a week in the majority of schools by day 100.”

One day a week. By May. And not even everywhere. Yippee.

Of course, those one-day schools will all have penitentiary-type rules to prevent children from socializing with their peers.

P.S. Slight correction. They are now saying “the majority of schools” means 50%. It sounds like people in the administration would benefit from some school right now.

David Hogg’s Pillows

I hate dumb partisanship on either side. David Hogg wants to start a business and sell pillows. That’s fantastic. People starting businesses is a good thing, remember? Who cares what his reasons are?

If he fails, it will be a life lesson. If he succeeds, there will be jobs created. Why are people piling on the kid when he finally has found a way to make himself useful and do something real?

And those who criticize him for using his personal brand to promote the idea for the pillow company are so egregiously ignorant of how the world of business works today that it’s they who shouldn’t be starting any businesses.

The pillow company is a great idea, and the guy should be commended. And the adults who are pouting over it should be ashamed.

I Made This

When I see students jump out of their seats with excitement in class, huddle together (in a masked, socially distanced way, I promise) in the classroom as they discuss the novel, giggle together in a hallway about something that’s extremely important at their age, make googly eyes at each other across the classroom, strike up friendships during and after class, and say, “hey, wanna head over to the library, talk about this some more?”, I know that I made this. I got over fear, inertia, anxiety, and laziness and gave students this instead of rows of black squares on a screen.

It’s too late this semester but let’s all do it for our students and ourselves in the Fall. Or at least next spring. It’s such a beautiful thing.

Crazy Rich People

My sister gave me a ton of clothes for Klara when she was a baby. And a toddler, and a big kid. She has loads of stuff from my niece who is six years older.

I would bring Klara to daycare in a Chanel or Givenchy onesie or a tiny dress from Jean Paul Gaultier but I’d arrive in this ancient old beater of a car. It was my first car, and it made no sense to buy new if I was going to tear off the bumper every month by parking too close to the curb. I’d hand over the extremely chic baby and proudly drive off in a car that had pieces fall off it in the process, like in Cuba.

I’m sure the staff at the daycare had a lot to say about crazy rich people.