Cancel School

I could even accept a one-day-a-week school if these dirty bastards just let kids be the rest of the week. It’s the demand that children sit in front of screens that gets me rabid.

Schools that for whatever reason are refusing to teach in person should have just closed for a year. Or two, or five. It’s absolutely 100% better to have no school at all than screen school.

I hope the evil creep who came up with the idea to put 7-year-olds on Google Groups rots in hell for eternity.

One thought on “Cancel School

  1. I’ve been saying this to students and colleagues alike, but, alas, to no avail.
    In modern societies school is considered so much a part of the social fabric that most people cannot even conceive a world without schools.
    The problem is, online teaching is NOT school, and video lessons are not real education, by definition, since a palliative or a surrogate is not the real thing.


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