Voting Matters

This tells you all you need to know to decide how to vote:

11 states have fewer than 10% of students w/access to 5-day per week in-person learning. All are blue save 1. 10 states have 70% or more children w/access to 100% in-person learning. All are red states.

I can’t begin to imagine what anybody can offer to outweigh this and make voting for a Democrat for absolutely any office a good idea.

7 thoughts on “Voting Matters

  1. Some individual Dems are outliers, and some Republicans are quite bad. I’ll definitely vote for my Dem mayor if he challenges lockdown DeWine. But by and large, the choice for anti-lockdown voters is obvious. I’ll be voting straight ticket Republican for school board this year.

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  2. But Clarissa clearly those Red states don’t care about people
    And want them to die. At least that’s what everyone says.


    1. Yep. They are throwing out hormone scrips like candy. One appointment, no psychologist present, and you walk away with a prescription. The clients are overwhelmingly teenagers, but who cares that they’re mutilated for life?


      1. That this isn’t seen as medical malpractice is completely bizarre to me. The former protocols for gender dysphoria issues was overall good, assessment and time were needed before taking irreversible steps.

        These young people do not understand the long term consequences of the decision to take these drugs. They can not provide informed consent and if they were. I doubt they are being told of the risks.


  3. Just wait, people will say the extra not-quite-100 deaths per million (with only half the level of stringency!) in the red states justifies everything the blue states are doing.


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