Snow Day

Classes are cancelled and the university closed because it might get cold tomorrow. It’s not that cold yet but it might be, so it’s all shut down.

We aren’t allowed to teach online tomorrow either because students’ internet connection might be unreliable because it might get cold. Please don’t ask for an explanation.

Professors love snow days even more than students do, so it’s all good.

Wokesters vs Bachelor

The wokester insanity has now reached even the TV show Bachelor. Every word of the linked article is an exercise in outright lunacy.

But people keep apologizing and writhing in self-deprecation. Until they stop doing it and start laughing at the woke mob, it won’t end.

I’m really glad I come from a culture where the expression “the pain that these words have caused” provokes nothing but ridicule and contempt.

Throw Money

Fauci says there needs to be a stimulus bill to reopen the schools. Even though many schools never closed and there’s been no problem.

This is typical Democrat stuff that drove me nuts even when I was a Democrat. They believe in the magical quality of money. If there’s any problem at all, throw money at it. Money will make the boo-boo go away! There’s absolutely no indication that teacher unions will agree to come back to the classroom if more plastic crap is purchased. None. But let’s spend first and figure out the consequences later.

On Impeachment

I don’t know if this doomed impeachment was a result of bumbling incompetence on the part of the Democrats or part of a deal to repay the lackey media with a few more days of audience-driving outrage mill. I don’t know if this was about people who are so insulated from reality that they believe their own fairy-tales about “an insurrection” or about being too lazy and stupid to do any actual work.

What I do know is that the end of the Trump presidency was turned from a defeat into a victory, and Trump had to do absolutely nothing to achieve it.

The SSC Saga

If you are following the Scott Alexander (Slate Star Codex) saga, here’s the intrepid blogger’s response to a recent hit piece by the NYTimes.

The lengths to which people have to go simply to publish a little blog in a tiny corner of the internet are shocking. This guy has been persecuted, had to live in fear, quit his job – and why? Because his very verbose posts are half a shade away from what’s officially demanded.