On Impeachment

I don’t know if this doomed impeachment was a result of bumbling incompetence on the part of the Democrats or part of a deal to repay the lackey media with a few more days of audience-driving outrage mill. I don’t know if this was about people who are so insulated from reality that they believe their own fairy-tales about “an insurrection” or about being too lazy and stupid to do any actual work.

What I do know is that the end of the Trump presidency was turned from a defeat into a victory, and Trump had to do absolutely nothing to achieve it.

20 thoughts on “On Impeachment

  1. ” the end of the Trump presidency was turned from a defeat into a victory, and Trump had to do absolutely nothing to achieve it.”

    Maybe it was a parting gift from the dems since he gave them a reason to live – unlike Biden who makes most of them want to take a slow walk into the sea….

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    1. The best thing is to witness Biden voters writhing under the weight of cognitive dissonance. “But we voted for him! And now he says he won’t reopen the schools! And he’s actually going against the CDC guidelines to avoid opening schools! What’s happening?”

      The guy has been completely consistent on not reopening the schools. I posted weeks ago that he plans to keep them closed until May. I don’t have any special intel. I’m going on his own words. But they are too dumb to notice what he actually ran on.

      I’m not even blaming Biden because he’s simply doing what he promised. I’m blaming the fools who were too lazy to listen.


  2. Comment on “On Impeachment”

    So how did the assault on the Capitol on January 6 differ from an insurrection, or at last an attempted coup.? I cannot find the quote referenced just now, but someone wrote recently that Hitler led an attempted coup in the late 1920s. The German people decided to forget it and move on. In retrospect, this seems to have been an unwise course of action.


    1. How did the months-long efforts to burn down federal courthouses and continued assaults on police officers that were supported and encouraged by Kamala Harris differ from an insurrection? The assaults I’m talking resulted in dozens of people, including small children, almost all black, murdered by the BLM. Dozens of police officers injured. Federal property destroyed. Private property destroyed. Why was that not an insurrection?

      Once you answer this, I’ll gladly explain why a couple hundred voters visiting the Capitol and not hurting anybody whatsoever was not an insurrection.


      1. By the way, remember the Capitol bombing of 1983? There was an actual bomb detonated in the Capitol. One of the terrorists who did it is now in the BLM leadership. Was that not an insurrection?


      2. “a couple hundred voters visiting the Capitol and not hurting anybody whatsoever”

        I am in complete agreement that BLM spun out of control this summer and people on the left completely ignored the violence that resulted. But your statement above about January 6th is simply false. A capitol police officer was killed by the protestors, dozens of others officers were hospitalized, there is video of the protestors who invaded the capitol beating police officers. Most of the capitol protestors didn’t do that, but some of them did. People calling it an insurrection is stupid, but it wasn’t a harmless protest.

        I find your blog so confusing of late. You correctly call out bad actors on the left all the time, but you seem to want twist yourself in knots to pretend that even the most extreme people on the right are completely harmless. We have bad actors on both extremes of the political spectrum and violent action from both extremes needs to be reigned in.


        1. Actually, officer Sicknick wasn’t killed by the rioters. He died of a stroke caused probably by a severe allergic reaction to pepper spray. Here’s a question, though. What makes you think he was killed by the rioters? Who told you this clearly untrue information? Do you find that news source confusing as well, or is it just me that’s confusing?


          1. “Do you find that news source confusing as well, or is it just me that’s confusing?”

            I don’t think a lot of people in the US know how to deal with the post Obama press – which mostly seems to have no real journalistic standards (due to deskilling of journalism in favor of turning it into a place for the well-connected fail children of the well off).

            I’m reflexively skeptical of any news report from the US about…. anything.


      1. That picture from the capitol is fine, but what about the capitol police officer who was murdered by the protestors or the dozens of others that wound up in the hospital with their injuries?

        The summer BLM protest and the Capitol protest both had a violent element to them.


        1. Even the CNN has retracted the lie about the “murdered police officer.” I had no idea there were still people who believed it. It’s kind of stunning how easy it is to bamboozle people. If he was murdered, has anybody been charged? Why not? What has the autopsy shown? It’s all been made public a while ago.


          1. By the way, did you know that Officer Sicknick was sending text messages saying he was fine and not reporting any injuries hours after the riot? The FBI took a while reporting the autopsy results but it’s all been out for a while now.


            1. The latest I saw was that he had an allergic reaction to bear spray that was sprayed at him by a protestor and that the FBI is still trying to identify the person who sprayed him from the video footage. That still counts violent protest and murder (or at least manslaughter if we’re getting very technical) as far as I am concerned.


              1. You just said he was murdered with a fire extinguisher. Aren’t you a little bit annoyed with the people who spread this lie? And kept it alive for weeks? Are you going to trust them in the future? Might there be other things they are lying about?

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              2. Neither you nor I were there in person on 1/6, right? We only know about it from what we saw on screens. Have you considered the possibility that I’m simply looking at a different screen? Because yours lies so much that I stopped trusting it. So I sought a different one. As soon as I catch it in a lie, I’ll move on. Why do the consumer of all these endless hoaxes – the good people hoax, the Jussie hoax, the Covington hoax, the HCQ, the fire extinguisher – why don’t they ever stop trusting their screen? It’s a mystery I’ll never crack. Why are you upset with me and not the screen that keeps lying to you?


  3. In my experience, many people on the left suffer from a strange kind of delusion where they start out by believing some absolute nonsense, followed by starting a fight with someone, then being slapped across the room by the person that they picked a fight with, followed by a celebration because they view some minor point as an absolute proof that they were right/won.

    Based on that, I am willing to be that as we speak, some parts of the left are making nonsense proclamations about some aspect of the impeachment (or their perception of it) and then claiming victory. Something like “We got Trump in the impeachment because he had to expose himself as the traitor he is” or “The whole world was watching him be exposed”.

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    1. I have no contact with the leftist crowd anymore unless I choose to take a glimpse of Facebook, which is rare, so I didn’t know how they are spinning it. They’ve got to be spinning it some way, and it’s probably exactly what you say. But it’s sad. Very sad.


      1. I just used google to perform a search on the term “trump impeachment”, followed by clicking on the news icon and scrolling down until I found something stupid. A headline in The Australian reads “Trump impeachment: Democrats’ plan: widen GOP schisms with harrowing evidence”.

        Please notice that they’re not just going to show evidence that can’t impeach anyone. They’re going to show “harrowing” evidence that can’t impeach anyone. “Harrowing”.

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