My Dream Gift

I stole this from Twitter:

Everybody is laughing but somewhere there is a woman who has spent her whole life dreaming of a personalized pork pie for Valentine’s day.

That woman is me, and if you think I’m joking, it’s precisely this reaction to my dream that makes me feel misunderstood.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 thoughts on “My Dream Gift

  1. Unrelated: Did you know that if one tries to google search a blogpost of yours with a keyword, the google either does not report anything or gives a link that is broken (directs to this blog with a page that says “The page cannot be found”).

    Have you actively deleted some posts (I was looking for the Great Reset book discussion and ran into this problem) or…?


  2. I’d trade all the chocolate I got today for a personalized pork pie in a heartbeat. In fact I’m making Jägerschnitzel tonight because what better way to celebrate than with a good piece of meat?

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      1. Traditional Jägerschnitzel is breaded pork chop with mushroom gravy. It’s one of the foods that one can get pretty much everywhere in Germany. I’m always making a modified version and this is the best recipe: It’s delicious.

        Mortadela panierowana was one of my favorites when I was growing up. Haven’t had it in ages. They have something here that like looks like mortadela called bologna but it’s way greasier and less flavorful, so I never tried the fried version.


        1. “something here that like looks like mortadela called bologna but it’s way greasier and less flavorful”

          I always hated bologna/baloney…. but I don’t mind mortadela from time to time…


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