The SSC Saga

If you are following the Scott Alexander (Slate Star Codex) saga, here’s the intrepid blogger’s response to a recent hit piece by the NYTimes.

The lengths to which people have to go simply to publish a little blog in a tiny corner of the internet are shocking. This guy has been persecuted, had to live in fear, quit his job – and why? Because his very verbose posts are half a shade away from what’s officially demanded.

One thought on “The SSC Saga

  1. “Because his very verbose posts are half a shade away from what’s officially demanded.”

    From what I can see, the content of his blog had nothing to do with it. He was doxxed because he was asked for interview and said no, and in so doing, defied them.

    Anyway since he is a psychiatrist, he should know better than to try and appease them or explain his situation. They don’t care.

    What he should do, that actually works in my experience, is to just dox them back. Pick the weakest journalist in the office who is the most compromised, with the weakest psyche, with the raunchiest dirt/drug use/adultery and then publish relentlessly until they break.

    Alternatively, get a list of advertisers with the publication and start publishing things about the advertiser that they don’t want to be widely known in the public domain.

    Both of the above have worked in real life ime.

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