Imagine if every journalist treated every politician like Tucker treated that unfortunate Republican governor today. Instead of crawling on their stomachs and prostrating themselves in worship of politicians, imagine if journalists could hold them to the wall and pummel the daylight out of them. Every day. Just because it’s their job.

Instead, the journalists we’ve got act like the governor of Arkansas personally applied to them the chemical castration procedure he so lovs.

One thought on “Imagine

  1. Journalism has really gone down the toilet. Channels like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. should just be considered entertainment and not news. Every time I tune in, you can tell how they are trying to captivate you and keep your attention.

    Seems to me that nowadays to get good journalism you have to pay for it. I’m considering a subscription to the Wallstreet Journal. Also some magazines are good; I like the Economist.


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