A Powerful Lobby

Another interesting point is that two Republican governors have been toppled within a week by the trans lobby. Noem destroyed a promising career to please this lobby. She was the rising star of conservatism but that’s all gone. Hutchinson followed her in the ritual suicide a few days later. They both know that there’s zero public appetite for child mutilation and that voters would slice them up like a watermelon in August. But still they had to accommodate the lobby.

Obviously, the trans lobby has very little to do with actual trans people. It’s the Big Pharma that’s buying up these politicians. Imagine what it would do if it had a chance to turn every kid into a lifelong patient. And how eagerly all these politicians would service that goal.

2 thoughts on “A Powerful Lobby

  1. “Respecting an individual’s gender preference” my ass!!!!!
    It’s just greedy medical establishments and pharmaceutical companies looking to cash in on the present-day social climate and mindset for the sake of making extra profits!


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