Antisemitic at AFT

The president of the American Federation of Teachers went on an antisemitic rant when asked to reopen the schools:

American Jews are now part of the ownership class,” she said. “What I hear when I hear that question is that those who are in the ownership class now want to take that ladder of opportunity away from those who do not have it.

How opening schools “takes that ladder of opportunity away” from anybody who isn’t a greedy, rich Jew is not explained, of course. The union boss wanted an opportunity to slag Jews, so she went for it.

She’s Jewish herself, so she’s the perfect tool to normalize open Jew-hatred.

7 thoughts on “Antisemitic at AFT

  1. How do you tell the difference between a person being a self hating Jew and a person simply saying idiotic things because they are idiots?

    That’s a serious question btw, since I’m genuinely curious. I also think that the term self hating jew is bogus too btw.


  2. Apparently it is a well-documented phenomenon, though, since it has been identified in the social sciences, that might be bogus too.

    I’m Jewish myself, so my claim that I undestand Jewish self-hatred might be a totally subjective thing and not have enough substance to persuade sceptics like you.


    1. “Apparently it is a well-documented phenomenon, though, since it has been identified in the social sciences, that might be bogus too.”

      Regarding “well documented” phenomena, please observe the well documented COVID vaccines purchased for mere tens of billions of dollars, which are physically impossible to produce in less than 10 years, yet which have been produced in one year, which I think happened either by magic, or because politics corrupts science.

      (Speaking of politics corrupting science I think that the standing study for that kind of thing is still the one done by I. Ionniddis from Stanford, which is quite ironic since I think he was corrupted into writing something bogus about COVID about 12 months ago.)

      Anyway it was a serious question because as an observer, the term “self hating jew” seems to be a kind of ad-hominic attack that is only culturally acceptable for Jewish people to use against other Jewish people.

      Since I am personally not sensitized towards subtle forms of anti Jewishness, when I read the article, I simply thought that the woman seemed like a megalomaniacal/egomaniacal loudmouth idiotically bringing race and ethnicity into a topic that had nothing to do with those things.

      So, I want to know which factors mark someone as being a self hating Jew, if anyone can be bothered to say.


    2. Well, she’s a union boss, which means definitely a clinical idiot. I have a long experience with unions. Strangely, the leadership roles always attract total mental cases.

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      1. I wouldn’t say always, but there is a certain pattern. Hm. I wonder if it’s a problem of US unions as they are allowed to be under the laws governing them we have, or if it is just that leadership is really hard (for most people)


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