Well-deserved Jail

After reopening the gyms and kids’ activities on March 26, Quebec closed them again today. In the official communication, the authorities recognized that there’s been no worsening in COVID death numbers, yet they still feel that harsher measures are needed.

The public is ecstatic. This isn’t sarcasm. The public is truly into it.

For years, I lamented not being able to live in Montreal. Now, however, I celebrate it. It’s not a place for me.

4 thoughts on “Well-deserved Jail

  1. Meanwhile, this pastor kicks the police out of his church on Easter and is not hog-tied, beaten, or thrown in jail. I’m a not a fan of Fox news, but this interview is inspiring.


  2. I have it on good authority that the number of young people infected by the new so-called Brazil strain is rising very quickly and is quite severe, which is freaking many health officials/politicians out.

    At the same time the so-called vaccines are proving to be less effective and more dangerous than hoped/stated, which isn’t widely published.

    As a result, many health officials/politicians are putting on a display of doing something to protect people by suggesting/ordering that schools be closed, religious gatherings curtailed etc. so that their collective arses are well covered.

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