Closely Guarded

It’s probably easier to get into the Federal Reserve than into this massage. I’m getting text messages every hour asking me to sign forms, answer questionnaires, and sternly reminding me of the procedure.

I only want this massage for relaxation purposes but this isn’t making me feel relaxed.

4 thoughts on “Closely Guarded

  1. Well, if you’re already relaxed ahead of time, their relaxation techniques will be less effective. Therefore all the hassle is necessary to key you up so you can be the most relaxed after.


  2. 1) Leave a bad review and tell them the procedures do not make you feel relaxed.
    2) I thought you were so stress free and relaxed you resembled a pool noodle already. What would you need a massage for?


  3. Funny…I used to work at the Federal Reserve. We had to make sure we had at least 15 minutes to get through security every morning. What a cool place to work. The building, I mean. The people were horrible.


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