Class War

Of course, this will make zero difference to people who can afford to hire a math tutor for their kids. But this will eliminate any chance of a competition for their children from smart yet poor kids.

This is precisely why people who can afford tutors institute these policies for people who can’t. This is the definition of class war.

6 thoughts on “Class War

  1. “eliminate all accelerated math courses ”

    In one way I wouldn’t mind this. Being a teenager is hard enough without status whoring parents overloading their schedules. I’m generally in a favor of a moderate universal curriculum through grade 12 and then those with the desire can try post-secondary education…

    But in the current socio-economic context of the US this is totally the status whores trying to make sure their unfortunate children won’t face any competition (I do feel sorry for their children as much as I loathe the parents).


    1. Wokies are upset that these programs are filled with Asian kids and have found a socially acceptable way of verbalizing this. “It’s not that I hate Asians, it’s that I’m very worried about black kids.”


    1. Ed: I’m not censoring you. Your comments get stuck in moderation for some mysterious reason that’s not caused by me. If your comments fail to appear, it means I’m off-line and can’t approve. But I’d never censor you, OK?


      1. yeah, no worries. This is on me. I created a WordPress account and things just went haywire from there. I made some replies earlier in the week that just disappeared, but at least they are posting now with the “Awaiting moderation” message. Thanks.


    2. ” China’s math/science scores are top of the world”

      If you’re taking about Pisa scores I’m pretty sure China (like many other countries) is gaming the system picking and choosing which schools get counted….


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