Free Universal Daycare

I feel sorry for the people who are seriously debating the canard of “free universal daycare.”

Let me tell you how this universal daycare works in Canada, population 30 million, income tax rate for somebody like my sister 52%.

Yes, you are entitled to an almost free daycare for your kid. (It’s $7 a day, which sounds amazing.) So yippee, my sister put her kid on the list for one the moment she was born. And she was offered a space! Of course, by that time the child was six.

And that, I repeat, in a country with one tenth of the population of the US.

This is a completely ridiculous, inane discussion that exists solely to distract us from the terrible abuse that’s being perpetrated against small children today in the form of masks and lockdowns. Make masks illegal for kids. That’s very easy to do. Reopen the playgrounds. Reopen fucking schools.

You’ve got to be touched in the head to take these fantasies about the free daycare seriously from an administration that hasn’t been able to get kids back into already existing schools.

15 thoughts on “Free Universal Daycare

  1. So what do you think would have happened to this free universal daycare during the pandemic? Does anyone seriously believe that it would be functional? It would be exactly where the public schools were the entire time. The only reason that many of us were able to have our children in daycare during this time is that they are private businesses that need to keep open in order to survive. After seeing this entire fiasco, I would rather quit my job than put my child into the government sponsored care.

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    1. “The only reason that many of us were able to have our children in daycare during this time is that they are private businesses .”

      Well, you heard Biden’s speech last night (or probably didn’t, considering the TV ratings). The Democrats are aiming for full-blown small “s” socialism, based on the concept that people are too stupid to manage their own lives, so Uncle Sam needs to take as much of their money as possible and then dole it back to them in the form of cradle-to-grave services, from “free” child daycare to Medicare-for-All in their final days.

      And if you actually manage to have any money left over when you die, don’t even think about leaving it to your children.

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    2. Good point. The people who gingerly put 5-year-olds in front of screens for hours a day because they were scaaaaared don’t deserve to be around children. I’m not letting the public school system anywhere near my child after this.

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  2. We have been sending our two kids to a high quality private non-profit preschool that has been a local institution for the last 25 years. When they introduced Transitional-Kindergarten in my city, their 4-5 year class was decimated. The director reacted by expanding the infant classes and raising the fees to keep the school solvent. We know the families who send their kids there; none of them are poor, but if there is free daycare, even if it’s lower quality, most will take their kids out. Our pre-school as it is will not survive this. Either they will go under, or they will end up yet another fancy pre-school that caters to the very wealthy in our area.

    And this will be the end result. The vast majority of reliable quality reasonably priced preschools like ours will go out of business. Quality and reliable daycare will only be available to the rich. A public option will be there, but it will neither be easily available, nor will it be reliable (as the pandemic has just shown us).

    But the unionized daycare employees — just like the teacher unions — will contribute millions to the Democratic campaigns. So it’s a win-win situation, right?

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    1. What you describe is exactly my fear as I am hearing about the government-sponsored daycare. That it will decimate the current private preschool system. I am just praying that the government will take its sweet time implementing this program so that my child will age out before this happens.

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        1. It would be so much easier to give money directly to parents, right? Easier, cheaper, faster. If the goal were to help women get into the workforce, that’s the way to go. So that’s clearly not the goal. Taking into account the constant talk about “racist babies,” it’s clear that the goal is control and indoctrination.

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          1. Well Clarissa, don’t forget the newly-formed childcare union contributions to the Democratic Party coffers! Apparently Newsom’s second biggest donor, right after Exxon Valdez, is the California Teacher’s Union. The party is just expanding its “revenue stream”.


    2. This is another crucial point! As usual, the people who can afford to pay high prices for private daycares won’t notice anything, but regular middle-class families will have their options severely limited.

      I’ve only been able to work normally because I hadn’t sent my kid to the university daycare. They are state-owned and have followed the insane COVID mandates of the governor.

      After everything that has happened, there’s no way my child is getting anywhere near the state education system.


    3. This has already happened. It is exactly like this but without the wait lists. In NYC DeBlasio “gave” us “universal high quality full day preK.” No more half day options, destroyed the private programs (some managed to get contracts with the city, had to change their curriculum to align with the city’s). Some providers shifted to 3s classes. DeBlasio’s been pushing the free universal 3k recently.

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  3. “income tax rate for somebody like my sister 52%”

    Canada Revenue Agency says highest income tax bracket is 33%?


    1. Are you looking at federal? I just went to the provincial calculator, and it gives me the 53,4%. The federal calculator isn’t loading for me right now


      1. I had found my way to a table of federal income tax rates, on a wealth management site (52% seemed very high). But I now see a table of provincial tax rates too. I haven’t yet found a clear statement to this effect, but does it mean that Canadians pay a federal income tax and a separate provincial income tax?


        1. Of course. In the US, we also pay federal and state tax. In Quebec they also have a sales tax of 15%. And property taxes, of course. When you buy a house, you pay a tax aptly titled “Welcome Tax.”


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