Crazy Canadian Conference

I never thought I’d say this but I hate Canada. It’s gone nuts in every possible way. Here’s the most recent example, and don’t worry, it’s not even about COVID. It’s way beyond that.

The largest professional association in Canada is holding its annual conference virtually. That’s OK, everybody is online, whatever. But the idiot Canadians have come up with a new wrinkle. We can’t just give our talks on Zoom, like all other conferences. No, that would be too out of control.

Instead, people have to record videos of themselves speaking weeks in advance, send them to the organizers, organizers will send them to moderators, and on the day of the actual conference –

– and I want everybody to pause and imagine this –

– we’ll sit in silence, watching the videos of ourselves and others being played by a moderator. Then, everybody will be kicked off the platform because God forbid anybody should let an unscripted, unapproved word or two escape their lips.

That’s it. That’s the conference. This format was chosen after a gigantic scandal where our organization accused everybody in other scholarly organizations (that wanted a normal virtual conference) of being racist.

I’m not speaking at this conference. I mean, nobody is speaking, but I’m not speaking through video either. I’m a moderator who plays the fucken videos. I agreed as a favor to a group of young scholars who wanted me there as a big name. I feel bad for them, me, and scholarship.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Canadian Conference

  1. “God forbid anybody should let an unscripted, unapproved word or two escape their lips”

    When scholarly work fails to support official ideology one needs to go…. I just wonder how much more the humanities will suffer before the woke fever breaks…

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    1. This is the most ridiculous, idiotic, and indefensible thing I’ve seen so far. But I’m sure it’s about to get worse because there’s no limit to this idiocy.

      I should have never agreed to have anything to do with Canada.

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  2. A conference in my field is being run like this. Videos submitted weeks in advance. Why? Why the fuck?
    It’s hosted by an East Asian country and we are supposed to pay registration for the privilege of watching these videos.
    Why can’t we have live sessions over Zoom? The time difference isn’t impossible to figure out; so you have to wake up early or stay late, not a big deal. But these prerecorded videos? I won’t watch any.

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  3. How feasible would it be to do a little rebellion? As in – approach directly the people in the section you are going to be moderating and offer them to speak in real time instead?


  4. Semi OT:


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