Formerly Normal

A guy I know told me that if I don’t get vaccinated for COVID, this will cause an outbreak of polio. Two women I know think that the gas shortages on the East Coast have to do with toilet paper.

These used to be completely normal people.

18 thoughts on “Formerly Normal

  1. Related: Apparently this is a pretty accurate impersonation… (I’ve avoided listening to him, so…)

    at 20.00 “In two to five to twenty years, we can start thinking about considering the idea of pondering the thought of conceptualizing the possibility of maybe perhaps reopening. But probably not.”

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    1. “In two to five to twenty years, we can start thinking about considering the idea of pondering the thought of conceptualizing the possibility of maybe perhaps reopening. But probably not.”

      I hear politicians saying something along these lines on TV, and these sentiments are echoed by my colleagues, and then I experience an intense cognitive dissonance because this has nothing to do with how I’m living my life. Every restaurant is packed. There are 40-minute waitlists at places that never had a waitlist in history. Playgrounds are overrun. Travel arrangements have to be made months in advance because everything is booked solid. Every neighbor has a barbecue with a bunch of friends every weekend.

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  2. I don’t think people became like this. I think 2020 created conditions in the United States which were non-pampered enough that the internal deficits of such people could no longer be ignored.

    And yes, I think things will get qualitatively worse in the next 1-4 years. Much worse.

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  3. To be fair there is a lot of that on both sides. I saw a whole thread on Twitter with women saying their period stopped or got worse after they’ve been around someone who got vaccinated.

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    1. Not to sound insensitive, but the very first link you provided cites the fact that 66 people died of COVID on Wednesday in Mumbai. The population of Mumbai is 12,5 million, right? So you are either defining “family” very loosely, or somebody here is mistaken.

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        1. Agreed—a coworker from India says there is a very high population of people there who live completely undocumented. They have no ID, and go completely uncounted when it comes to official statistics.


  4. I visited India in December and still have friends and family there. Here are some direct impressions on what is going on there from word-of-mouth.

    First, it is definitely true that hospitals are extremely full, much more so than normal. A family-friend recently got covid and had a very hard time finding a hospital bed. India normally does not have the best health-care system, but the upper middle classes that can pay for private hospitals have always enjoyed pretty decent health care. Not being able to find a spot is very rare among this class of people. However, that being said, the stories about mass cremations and people dying on the streets are blatant exaggerations; no such thing is going on there.

    A second thing is that the covid numbers in India and the US are not at all comparable — they are recorded very differently. Here a PCR positive test counts as a “case”. In India, you have to have some symptoms before you can be considered as one. Now I don’t know if that counts as hiding official numbers — another view is that the US’s numbers are highly inflated. But that’s the way things work, and this is coming from a friend who’s a doctor there.

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    1. Thank you, ABC. This is exactly what I heard from a friend in India. The healthcare system is struggling but there are no piles of dead bodies.

      I have no idea why people always exaggerate about COVID. The reality is serious enough for people to care. It doesn’t have to be ramped up to the extent of the Bubonic Plague.

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  5. The Great Reset is in full sway. Get your vaccine or get excluded from society. A friend in Canada described the lockdowns to me yesterday in horrific detail. Will it ever end? And they have the vaccine. Why are there still lockdowns? And we are starting to see testimonies about vaccines killing children and no one is responding to that? The propaganda machine (main stream media) just keeps pumping out lies.


    1. We are now hearing that 2-year-olds will be in masks indefinitely because there’s no vaccine for them. It’s been known for over a year that small children don’t get or transmit COVID-19. Why are they being tortured? I’m so angry about this. The neotitics have gotten their vaccine. They are supposedly SAFE. So now what? When will they leave us, and crucially, our children in peace?

      I asked my kid what her dream is and she said that she dreams the virus would go away and she doesn’t have to wear a mask anymore. It’s really getting to me.

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