One After Another

I stayed up yesterday looking at beautiful photos of nature in the Twitter feed of one of my favorite accounts. Then today I discover that he’s been fired from his great new job because several years ago he said that rich Bay Area women are cosseted and whiny.

Anybody who comes over to comment on how García Martínez will find another great job will be banned for being a total idiot. I’m not fretting about García Martínez, who absolutely will be fine. I’m fretting about all of us. We all are the victims here. It’s the neoliberal mentality that has infected your mind that makes you see everything in terms of isolated individuals who exist in a vacuum.

6 thoughts on “One After Another

  1. It’s all crazy. Did you see they piled on Mary Beard for following a few Terfs and expected her to cravenly apologise.


      1. There is a huge issue at the core of this debate that the article correctly identifies. If you accept that there’s such a thing as a womanhood that’s not grounded in physiology, that’s the end of feminism. “I’m a woman because I feel like one” and “I’m a woman because I wear a dress” is incompatible with the very existence of feminism. There’s simply no way to have both. The second I accept that there’s “a male brain,” I immediately become a man. I grew up to the constant chorus of “what kind of a girl you are, you act and think as a guy.” Feminism freed me from all this garbage. And now I have to adopt it and defend it to… please some men? I mean, come on. Somehow I ended up in a society where, if my daughter turns out to be cerebral, competitive, aggressive, individualistic and tough, she’ll be told that she’s the wrong kind of woman? Fuck that.


  2. “several years ago he said that rich Bay Area women are cosseted and whiny”

    I looked at the offending passage and….. since when has affecting language disorders become a sign of virtue…. these…. persons seem unable to read anything that’s not completely literal and normal human rhetorical and writing devices leave them stunned and disoriented.

    It reminds me of the short story (which I’ve never read… I need to look it up) “Speech sounds” by Octavia Butler, as wikipedia puts it:
    “A mysterious pandemic leaves civilization in ruins and severely limits humankind’s ability to communicate. Some are deprived of their ability to read or write, while others lose the ability to speak. They identify themselves by carrying items or symbols that function as names. People communicate among themselves through universally understood sign language and gestures that can often exacerbate misunderstandings and conflicts. Additionally, it seems that as a result of the illness and their handicap, many ordinary people are easily prone to uncontrollable feelings of jealousy, resentment, and rage over their own impairments and the ability of others.”

    published in 1984…..


      1. The utter triviality of García Martínez’s “offense” isn’t a bug. It’s a feature. It’s precisely because he did absolutely nothing wrong that he’s being punished. The message is: this can and will be done to anybody at any time.


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