No Guidelines

I wish my university followed the CDC guidelines because I feel bad for my secretary. She both had COVID and got vaccinated, so she must be completely immune. Plus, she’s young and healthy, so not at risk to begin with. Yet she has to wear a mask, which means that every time I come out of my office, she has to put the mask back on. The poor woman spends all day yanking the mask up and down.

But we haven’t even implemented the old CDC guideline to reduce social distancing from 6 to 3 feet. Masks are probably going to be mandated for the entirety of the next decade.

I have a strong feeling that Illinois will be the last state to remove the mask mandate, and my university will be the last school to notice.

12 thoughts on “No Guidelines

  1. Keep your face mask in your pocket at all times as, even if all legal restrictions are finally lifted, a lot of businesses and offices are still allowed to opt for their own house rules on “safety measures”.


  2. It’s been strange watching the reactions of some of my progressive acquaintances to the latest CDC guidelines. These are people who endlessly congratulate themselves on how superior they are to the stupid rubes who won’t get vaccinated. And yet their response to the relaxing of the mask guidelines makes it clear that they are also desperate to believe that the vaccines don’t actually provide any protection and we’re going to need masks and lockdowns forever.

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    1. Masks have become a virtue symbol. Like the reverse scarlet letter A. People are now confused as to how they are supposed to signal their virtue without a mask. The possibility of going through life without virtue signaling of any sort doesn’t cross their minds.


    1. Otherwise wouldn’t we be cutting into the big pharma profits? šŸ™‚

      Jokes aside, I (and 100 years of science) agrees with you but “people who recovered from covid must get vaccinated” is the new liberal mantra.

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    2. I. . . have absolutely no idea. I’ve lost all capacity to understand what these people are doing. But as long as they don’t force me into their insanity, I’m all right with them sniffing, eating and injecting these vaccines daily.

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    3. Pfizer actually published a document stating that without appropriate B-cell response testing, it would not be appropriate for a person who had covid to get the vaccine.

      The CDC ignored it and did their own thing. Even though some of the people who had covid are also those unable to be vaccinated because of autoimmune conditions caused by covid.

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      1. A friend got vaccinated for COVID one week after getting COVID. I was confused, but her body, her choice. I wish she were as understanding when she sees me order dessert.


  3. This is bullshit. If they don’t follow the CDC recommendations, then it’s a purely political issue. It stops being a public health issue.

    Massachusetts has not relaxed restrictions yet, but they say they will the soon. I think this CDC guideline caught a lot of people by surprise.


  4. I think states are still a bit shocked about the new CDC guidance. They’ll have to start easing restrictions as more states get rid of them completely. I give it until end of June for back to normal.

    I also doubt universities will require masks or social distancing come Fall semester.


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